Stephanie Ganey Lamb

Creator of Oasis Needlepoint

Stephanie Ganey  Lamb had a love for the arts from the beginning. Around age 5 she stated "i would like to paint pretty pretty pictures when i grow up. " And so it began...

In high school she  would be found wandering the art halls most of her day. Studying in advanced placement art, & art history made for an easy transition to Ringling College of Art & Design.

Stephanie graduated in 2009 from Ringling College of Art and Design , with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. After joining the "real world" of corporate event photography, she decided to take a little hiatus and join the Sarasota County Beach Patrol to have time to focus on her art again.  With an absolute love for the water it was a great fit. This is about the time Needlepoint entered her daily life.  A New local Needlepoint Shop had recently opened & Stephanie Quickly Started working in the shop full time & painting commission work. after developing a love for the art of needlepoint it was time for Oasis Needlepoint to become reality.

September 2017 Oasis Needlepoint Debuted at Destination Dallas market.